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welcome to my life.

~SeRiEsLy DiStUrBeD~
12 December 1990

Hey everyone! My name is Anne. I’m 16 years old and disabled.I love hanging out with my friends, shopping...a little to much, talking on my cell, love making new friends, I love dogs and polka dots and the color orange... I'm such a weirdo sorry. I LOVE to sleep. I am so not a morning person. You can talk to me about anything I'm the kind of person who will listen and be there for you. The other side of me can be very lazy haha which makes problems. I am on a wheelchair basketball team! I love it...it's my new favorite sport. I am the youngest in my family I have 3 older brothers. Umm I also love Penguins, Monkeys and Cows * don't ask lol* *I have a dog* I am very shy until you get to know me than I am pretty loud. I don't judge people at all. So don't judge me please.I love all types of music accept like country, rap , etc.....I don't have a favorite singer or band I have many. Umm don't know what else to say about me so bye. :)